The History of the Carlos Gracida

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  • Carlos Gracida, the Passing of a Legend
  • Gracida suffered massive facial and chest trauma after his horse stumbled launching Carlos to the ground. It is thought that the horse's head knocked him unconscious before he ever hit the ground. The horse then fell on him and damaged him again when attempting to get up. Gracida was airlifted to the Delray Medical Center where efforts were made to revive him failed.
    Internationally recognized as one of the premier players within the history of the sport, Carlos reached the ultimate polo rating of 10-goals at the age of twenty-five and rode on to capture the most prestigious polo trophies around the world. states that Carlos Gracida has dominated the sport more than any other player in history. He was inducted into the Polo Hall of Fame just in 2012.
    Carlos won the U. S. Open Championship on nine different occasions; the Argentine Open five times; the British Open a record ten times; and the World Cup seven times. An encyclopedia cites Carlos since the holder of additional tournament wins than any player while in the history of the game. He has been named Player of the Calendar year five different times and Argentina's revered Olimpa de Plata, the award to the most valuable polo player in the country, the only non-Argentine to ever win the prestigious award.
    Carlos continued playing and coaching substantial goal polo with a lofty 9-goal handicap (right after spending 15 many years at the 10-goal pinnacle). Additionally, through his company, Gracida International, his expertise had been requested on a number of polo-related ventures around the world ranging from endorsements of equestrian products to polo exhibitions to assistance in polo and equestrian developments.
    A longtime resident of Palm Beach County, Carlos participated in scores of fund-raising projects and benefits and continued to be a role model for aspiring young athletes around the world ralph lauren outlet.
    Friends and family surrounded him at the Delray Medical Center in his final hours.
    On behalf of the Gracida family, IPC would like to welcome those who loved Carlos to help celebrate his amazing life this Saturday, March 1st, from noon to 4:00 pm on the patio of the 7th Chukker.