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On March 11, 2000, Beth Yaakov Synagogue was consecrated in the building of the Jewish Community. Visitors are welcome during working hours. There are services for all the major holidays according to the Hebrew calendar.

The synagogue was built and decorated in keeping with the customs and traditions of Sephardic Jews, and operates as a Sephardic Orthodox synagogue. The windows are made of beautifully decorated stained glass with motifs of the Jewish life cycle. The parokhet (curtain) that adorns the Holy Ark (aron ha-kodesh – the Ark where the Torah scrolls are kept) is the one that hung on the Ark in the old Skopje synagogue and dates back to 5698 according to the Jewish calendar, i.e. 1937. The synagogue is named after the old Skopje synagogue.

It was built by donations from the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, JOINT, the Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center in California, Temple Beth Israel, our members and Jews from the Diaspora and Israel.

Building the synagogue led to a revival of religious practices in the community.

Unfortunately, there currently are no regular Shabbat services.


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