Joint performance of Ofir, el Viaje, and Mois Hason Choir at Skopje Summer Festival



On July 23 at the Skopje Summer Festival the Spanish band Ofir el Viaje and the Mois Hason Choir of the Jewish Community performed in the Holocaust Memorial Center.

Ofir el Viaje, Spanish and ladino for the journey, is a project that carries Sephardic music through the Mediterranean shore on a journey similar to the one that the Sephardic Jews set out on, after the expulsion from Spain. In that way, the Sephardic song of Ofir reached Monastir, where once existed one of the most important Sephardic communities after the expulsion from Spain. The lyrics and melodies remain accurate to the centenary legacy, while the arrangements are contemporary, carrying the sound of the European folk of the 70s, Nordic jazz-rock, afro-beat, psychedelic rock of the 60’s and jazz.

Ofir and the Mois Hason Choir performed Skalerika de oro, a famous Sephardic romance. The performance of Ofir at Lokum Fest and Skopje Summer Festival was financially supported by the Jewish Community.





Commemoration - Yom Hashoa 2012



On April 19 we commemorated Yom Hashoa - Holocaust Remebrance Day of Israel by lighting six memorial candles in the Holocaust Memorial Center.

The candles were lit by Aleksandar Shumkovski, one of the elder members of the community and survivor of the Holocaust in memory of six million Jews - victims of the Holocaust. The soloist of the Mois Hason Choir, Gonca Bogoromova, performed Eli, Eli, a Jewish spiritual song.

After the lighting of the candles, the documentary Tell your Children was shown in the Center.









Commemoration in Bitola and Stip - March 12, 2012


On March 12, delegations of members and friends of the Jewish Community went to Bitola and Shtip and took part in commemoration activities.

In Bitola, the delegation visited Estreja Ovadija-Mara kindergarten where they attended a performance organized by the children of the kindergarten. Then the delegation was welcomed by the Mayor of Bitola, Vladimir Talevski. The delegations laid flowers in front of the Monument of the Deported Jews from Bitola, the Monument of the national hero Estreja Ovadija-Mara, and the Monument of the Fallen Fighters. In Magaza Culture Center the exhibition New Witnesses to the Holocaust was inaugurated, featuring works from the art camp that took place in Bitola in August 2011. The exhibition was organized by the Holocaust Memorial Centre for the Jews of Macedonia and NI Institute and Museum Bitola. The activities ended with a visit to the Jewish Cemetery in Bitola.

In Stip, the delegation was welcomed at a reception by the Mayor of Bitola, Zoran Aleksov, in Stip City Hall, and then they laid wreaths in front of the Monument of the Deported Jews from Stip.


Commemoration of 7144 Macedonian Jews taken to Treblinka - March 11, 2012


On March 11, 2012, the 69th anniversary of the deportation of 7144 Macedonian Jews to Treblinka was marked. Delegations consisting of the Jewish Community, Government representatives and diplomats, guests from other Jewish communities and organizations laid wreaths at the site of the Monopol transit camp, at the Butel Jewish cemetery, and in front of the Monument of the Fallen Freedom Fighters.

The exhibition entitled Children’s Stories - children’s drawings from the Terezin ghetto was opened in the Holocaust Memorial Centre. The exhibition is being shown in the Memorial Centre in cooperation with the embassy of the Czech Republic and the Jewish Museum in Prague.

In the evening on March 11, there was a Commemoration concert of the Mois Hason Choir, the Brevis Quartet and violinist Ivan Prilepchanski. The music program consisted of classical music, Sephardic romances and Jewish songs. Also, short stories on the Holocaust written by students from Gjorgjija Pulevski primary school were read. Speeches were given by the president of the Jewish Community, Bjanka Subotikj, the ambassador of the State of Israel to Macedonia, David Cohen, Rabbi Andrew Baker from the American Jewish Committee, and the Mayor of Skopje, Koce Trajanovski.


Purim 2012




On March 8, we observed Purim. As tradition dictates, we had a masquerade - both children and adults wore various masks. Educators worked with the children, narrating the story of Queen Esther; every time Haman was mentioned, the children made noise. Also, the women from the Women’s Club prepared the well-known Haman’s ears. Purim was celebrated in a festive spirit as it always has been.





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