Joint performance of Ofir, el Viaje, and Mois Hason Choir at Skopje Summer Festival



On July 23 at the Skopje Summer Festival the Spanish band Ofir el Viaje and the Mois Hason Choir of the Jewish Community performed in the Holocaust Memorial Center.

Ofir el Viaje, Spanish and ladino for the journey, is a project that carries Sephardic music through the Mediterranean shore on a journey similar to the one that the Sephardic Jews set out on, after the expulsion from Spain. In that way, the Sephardic song of Ofir reached Monastir, where once existed one of the most important Sephardic communities after the expulsion from Spain. The lyrics and melodies remain accurate to the centenary legacy, while the arrangements are contemporary, carrying the sound of the European folk of the 70s, Nordic jazz-rock, afro-beat, psychedelic rock of the 60’s and jazz.

Ofir and the Mois Hason Choir performed Skalerika de oro, a famous Sephardic romance. The performance of Ofir at Lokum Fest and Skopje Summer Festival was financially supported by the Jewish Community.




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