Commemoration in Bitola and Stip - March 12, 2012


On March 12, delegations of members and friends of the Jewish Community went to Bitola and Shtip and took part in commemoration activities.

In Bitola, the delegation visited Estreja Ovadija-Mara kindergarten where they attended a performance organized by the children of the kindergarten. Then the delegation was welcomed by the Mayor of Bitola, Vladimir Talevski. The delegations laid flowers in front of the Monument of the Deported Jews from Bitola, the Monument of the national hero Estreja Ovadija-Mara, and the Monument of the Fallen Fighters. In Magaza Culture Center the exhibition New Witnesses to the Holocaust was inaugurated, featuring works from the art camp that took place in Bitola in August 2011. The exhibition was organized by the Holocaust Memorial Centre for the Jews of Macedonia and NI Institute and Museum Bitola. The activities ended with a visit to the Jewish Cemetery in Bitola.

In Stip, the delegation was welcomed at a reception by the Mayor of Bitola, Zoran Aleksov, in Stip City Hall, and then they laid wreaths in front of the Monument of the Deported Jews from Stip.

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