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The library of the Jewish Community in Macedonia was established as the community was renewed after the war. The library collection was not extensive. Ms. Elena Blaer was in charge of the library.

Today the library is made up of 1150 book titles. The book collection is housed in a nice room with appropriate glass cases. Free access is provided to all books; they are arranged according to area (religion, philosophy, history etc). Book processing is done in accordance with library regulations. The library enriches its collection mainly via contributions made by various domestic and international organizations as well as individuals.

The library includes: encyclopedias, lexicons, dictionaries, and above all books on the history of the Jewish people, their religion, philosophy, the Holocaust, art and fiction. The collection is continually enriched by magazines and newspapers.

The main users of the library are students writing papers on topics such as the history, culture and customs of the Jews in Macedonia.

The Jewish Community has publishing rights in Macedonia, and to date more than ten books and translations have been published. The community has the opportunity to exchange books with other Jewish communities in the region, which leads to mutual support and cooperation.

Office hours: every second Wednesday of the month, 10:00-18:00 Person in charge: Hristina Bartling

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