The European Day of Jewish Culture

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The European day of Jewish Culture is an event celebrated in 28 European countries during the first week in September. This event was first organised by the Jewish community in France in 1996, and in 2000 it became the European Day of Jewish Culture across the continent. In 2010, the Jewish Community in the Republic of Macedonia celebrated this day for the fifth time.

The aim of the day is to present the cultural and historical heritage of the Jews in Europe to the wider public. On this day, Jewish communities open the gates of their synagogues, museums, cemeteries and Jewish neighbourhoods, and they organise exhibitions, concerts, lectures and debates. This leads to a better understanding of different cultures in a given society, as well as the strengthening of communication and cooperation.

Every year a different topic is selected – in 2010 it was Art and Judaism. Throughout the years, the topics have ranged from Jewish music to education to cuisine.


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