Chamber Choir

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The Chamber Choir of the Jewish Community is named after the talented conductor and composer, Mois Hason. Hason took an active part in preserving and nourishing Sephardic music, and conducted a few choirs in Skopje. He was a favorite among the audience in Skopje. He suffered the same fate as the majority of the Jews in Macedonia: in March, 1943, he was deported to Treblinka. The choir began functioning in February 2004. It is made up of amateur and professional singers as well as community members, and Tomislav Sopov has been the art director and conductor since the very beginning.

The first official performance of the choir took place on January 1, 2005, in the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Since then, it has performed on numerous occasions in Skopje – including for the Skopje Summer Festival, - Bitola, Kumanovo, and Tetovo, and has also participated in various festivals abroad. In 2005, the choir recorded a DVD that holds many Sephardic romantic and other Jewish songs in the Studio of the National TV Station.


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