Children’s Corner

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The King David Children’s Corner has long been a tradition of the Macedonian Jewish Community. The goal of the Corner is to transmit Jewish tradition, culture and customs to the youngest members of the community.

Members of the Youth Club serve as educators, working with the children on a weekly basis. Topics such as Jewish tradition, history and religion are discussed, particularly the holidays and customs related to them.

For instance, every year for Sukkoth, youngsters take part in making the sukkah in the backyard of the community. They decorate it with branches, leaves and drawings of symbols for Sukkoth.

The young educators use a variety of methods to present Jewish traditions. A given story might be elaborated by producing a short film in which the children play the roles. To help the children become acquainted with challah baking, special classes are organized together with the members of the women’s club.

Traditionally, a masquerade is organized for Purim, one of the most joyous holidays in which the children’s creativity is highlighted. The children wear different costumes and become acquainted with the story of Queen Esther.

Moreover, the children participate in seminars and summer camps in the region, where they have the opportunity to meet their peers and expand their knowledge.


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