Holocaust Remembrance Day of Israel, or Yom Ha-Shoa

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On May 3, 2011, the Jewish Community in the Republic of Macedonia commemorated the Holocaust Remembrance Day by lighting six memorial candles in the Memorial Center.

The candles were lit by Behar Israel, one of the elder members of the community and a survivor of the Holocaust, in memory not only of 7200 Macedonian Jews, but of the six million victims of the Holocaust in Europe. Speeches were held by the president of the Community, Bjanka Subotikj, the president of the Holocaust Fund, Liljana Mizrahi, and the Polish ambassador to Macedonia, Karol Bachura. Two documentaries were shown at the Memorial Center, Empty Boxcars directed by Ed Gaffney and a documentary on the Warsaw Ghetto.

Yom Ha-Shoa is a memorial day for the victims and heroes of the Holocaust, established by the Israeli Parliament in 1951. It is observed annually on Nisan 27, according to the Hebrew calendar, on the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.






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