Tree Day, Plant Your Future

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On March 24, 2011, for the fifth time, representatives of five religious communities, planted trees to mark the beginning of the Tree Day, Plant Your Future initiative. This year, trees were planted at the Evangelical Methodist Church and in this manner, the cycle of planting trees by representatives of the five religious communities is complete. It started in 2008 when the Jewish Community in the Republic of Macedonia was hosting the event that took place at Hana, the home of the Holocaust Fund of the Jews from Macedonia. This tradition continued in the Catholic community, the Muslim community, the Macedonian Orthodox Church and now the Evangelical Methodist Church.

A basis for raising environmental awareness can be found in Judaism, in written sources such as the Torah and the Mishnah, as well as in tradition and the manner of observance and the character of holidays. The tradition of planting trees can be found within Jewish family life – when a baby girl is born, a cypress is planted, and when a baby boy is born, a cedar is planted. This represents a celebration of birth, and the child and tree grow together during their lifetime.

A holiday that is directly connected to planting trees is Tu Bishvat, i.e. the New Year of the Trees. Almond trees blossom is Israel during Tu Bishvat and the beginning of spring is marked.

In many Jewish communities, Tu Bishvat serves as a basis for various initiatives for environmental protection.




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