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On March 10, 2011, as a part of the Dedication Ceremony of the Memorial Center, the Jewish Community, in cooperation with the Holocaust Fund of the Jews from Macedonia and the National Gallery of Macedonia, displayed an exhibition by Sarah Einik, entitled I, You and Them – For the Holocaust.

Sarah Einik has a direct and personal connection to the Holocaust, as a part of her family story and as a part of her life in Israel. She is the child of survivors and says that such a tragedy leaves traces in people’s souls.

As she says herself:

My family had its share of stories; my father’s and mother’s family were expelled from their villages to a bigger neighboring town, not allowed to work their land any more. Becoming in my father’s case a burden on his family that already lived in town, he moved every night from one place to another.

She speaks of the way in which the Israelis feel the connection to the Holocaust, regardless of the fact that they themselves were not there.

In my way, I have been there, like many others and it does not matter if the family is from Poland, Germany, or Morocco, we all have the dreams, we all are from there.

The exhibition was opened by curator Ana Frangovska and the president of the JCRM Bjanka Subotikj. The Mois Hason Choir performed with a short program of selected Sephardic songs.






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