Book Promotion

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On March 3, 2011, on the premises of the Jewish community, as a part of the activities for the Dedication Ceremony of the Holocaust Memorial Center, the book Jews in Macedonia Through Centuries by Dr. Mihail Sumkovski was promoted. With many invited guests and members of the community present, the promoters of the book, academician Milan Gurcinov, Professor Vera Antic and Professor Dr. Samuel Sadikario emphasized the importance of the book – introducing the general public to the basic notions related to Judaism. This book, as the author himself states, was prompted by the wish to present to the Macedonian public the life of the Jews in Macedonia, their coexistence with the other populations regardless of their religion and origin, in a wonderful state of symbiosis, never engaging in conflicts.

Quotations from Moric Romano and Rafael Pijade were read by Suzana Todorovska, a journalist for Radio Skopje.

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